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DS International founded in 1989 is dedicated to providing our clients with highest quality products and premier client services. We have developed and co developed more than 100 products including ergonomic keypads, financial application keyboards, custom input terminals for UPS (United Parcel Service), mail sorting terminals for the United States Post Office (USPS) and key parts for Segway, to name a few of large array of customers. Over the last two decades DS International has prized itself providing superior customer service and price performance.
About the Founder

Our Promise

DS International delivers innovative solutions to our customers, short lead-times and a full compliment of superior service. With nearly 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing revolutionary products, DS International has streamlined the process from concept, design, production, packaging and delivery. With so many products to choose from, and a constantly changing global environment we want to be sure that our clients find the best solutions for their manufacturing needs.

Area of Expertise

We specialize in providing consultation, engineering and intellectual property solutions for custom manufacturing to a large variety of markets; Including OEM, industrial, financial and kiosk markets. Additionally, DS International’s manufacturing expertise provides a platform of services virtually making any product vision a reality.

What We Do

Through consultation, discovery, design and implementation we work hand and hand with you to achieve the optimum end result on your innovations. DS International prides itself in superior customer service for the life or your project including all manufacturing research and development, overall price performance, end to end quality assurance, tooling, plastic injection, assembly, testing and packaging all completed at our facilities here in the US and our offices in Taipei, Taiwan.

Our Philosophy

We believe open communication and transparency will provide our customers with a thorough understanding and a clear vision on their projects creating a conduit between concept, design, engineering, manufacturing and delivery.

Our Values

Our customers are our strength for without you we can’t exist. We understand customer satisfaction is the most important aspect of our relationship as we strive for perfection on your projects providing the best price performance, the highest quality and timely delivery in your quest to meet market demand.

Final Thoughts

At DSI, we believe that the key to high quality, zero-defect products is teamwork. Our team of design engineers, graphic artists, industrial engineers, mechanical engineers, assembly workers, and quality control specialists collaborate and maintain constant communication with each other ensuring cost-effective and efficient use of resources, money, and time.

We stand behind our promise of total client satisfaction.

Our Business Areas & Facilities

Our business spans the globe, including worldwide partners all managed here in the US and DSI-Taiwan. Our global partnerships include some of the largest contract manufacturers allowing us to enjoy the cost benefits of mass production at state of the art facilities.

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DSInternational Inc (DSI) Founded

Develops first custom keyboard for Artisoft

Develops kids keyboards for Israeli school system


Designs Digital Matrix Systems(DMS) for car dealerships

Delivers four sets of Macintosh Keyboards for SMK Electronics


Delivers custom keyboards to Maxi Switch

Develops Keypads for Genovation, INC. for Toshiba notebook

Develops TTY keyboards for hearing-impaired products


Develops keyboards for Sega Catapult

Develops Point of Sale (POS) keyboard with magnetic card reader and programmable function keys


Designs and produces the ultra-compact LCD desktop PC and the Multimedia Note Station for banking industry

GP101 project for financial applications

Develops a high quality Mechanical Alps Keyboard for Alps Electronics (including integrated touch pads and keypads)


DS International's first PDA case debuts

Palm 5 aluminum cases (leading company and major provider to produce and 1st to sell; 20,000 sold)

First folding PDA cradle sells at CompUSA

USPS IRT3 project (40,000 sold)


Develops UPS keyboards


Develops keyboards for Bloomberg

CATEYE9 internet café keyboards

Matias Corporation's one hand or half keyboards

Handspring's Prism & Prism Deluxe

Custom keyboard module for IBISYS for Navy

New and improved SMK85 replaces DCK84

Medical security RF keyboard


Manufactures first iPod alumninum case (sold through Matias Corporation)


Keypad project for New York subway

Court reporter keyboards

New and improved SMK101

GP101 for financial applications for the New York Merchantile Exchange


United States Airforce Flight Simulator

Alpha Keyboard Project


Segway accessories

DigiMemo sales debut

Developed hand-held Scanners for Positech for the Dry Cleaning Industry


Sun88 developed for Zmicro specifically for Sun Microsystems

Dell X5 cases and Ipaq Holsters for Belkin

Segway Fender Production

Developed iPod Shuffle cases for Griffin Technology

Developed cases for the Ipod Shuffle and iPod Mini for Rivet


Developed new court recorder keyboards for Advantage Technology

Developed Ergonomic Freestyle Solo keyboards for Kinesis

Developed Googleboard for Ingram Micro (retailed at Fry's Electronics)

Developed Remote Light Switches


Debut of Segway Kickstands

Developed Armpod for Norseman Capital

Developed Keyboard for EVAS

Established Industrial Keyboard Division at DSI to handle all of our Kiosk application

Gaming keyboards for Amtote

Developed accessories for Axiotron for Tablet Macbook conversion

Developed Compact Medical Keyboards for SonoSite


Developed Modular Keyboard with options to use for right or left handed design introduced at Taipex Computex 2008

Awarded new USPS Keyboard contract


More information coming soon!


More information coming soon!